Checklist for Infection Prevention

It is a given that security is inconvenient. Need to develop reasonable habits that will avoid infection.

Washing hands

  • Each time you go to the bathroom do thorough 20 second washing. This will mean several times a day
  • On entering house each time.
  • After opening boxes and grocery items
  • After sneezing or coughing

Hand Sanitizer (HS)

  • Carry small bottle of HS with you
  • Use HS every time you get into your car at home and away
  • Use HS on phone once per day
  • Use HS on credit cards periodically

Things to Avoid/be aware of

  • Touching face
  • No longer take change. Only use credit card
  • Pen in signing at counters. Use pen or be aware and use HS asap
  • Public doors and handles
  • Grocery cart
  • Signing with finger on screen at register
  • Putting in number at grocery store
  • Use wipes at theater-no longer going to theater
  • Keep distance from others in public 6 feet or more


  • Shipping boxes. Study now shows they can retain virus for days
  • Sanitized contents of boxes if smooth surface such as plastics.
  • Sanitize oxygen bottles


  • Expect guests to use HS upon entering. Use Zoom for most all contacts
  • Housekeeper put on furlough

Receiving Shipping Items

  • Assume the box has the virus on it. Open the box and discard in trash.
  • Put item on deck. Wash hands. Spray item with Clorox spray.
  • Leave on porch for an hour or even three or four days.

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